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How to save the Scottish in 2013

Without you this annual event will stop!
I hope you are aware that the NSRA Scottish meeting is this year being held at Lauder in the Scottish Borders. The meeting starts on Saturday 29th June and finishes on Friday 5th July. The logic for hosting the event in Lauder is both its central location, but also the fact that we can better control costs. The local organiser is on the NSRA board and the landowner is very keen to have us, so essentially we have the best chance of getting it right, we owe this to our members.
The event as you may know attracts competitors from all over the UK, literally from Lands End to John O'Groats.
We have a big challenge on our hands, as many of you will know the regular announcement of the next meeting during the prize giving of the current meeting has been replaced with doubt over whether the next event will even occur.
The big challenge we have is that the event does not cover its costs, this has historically been for a number of reasons ranging from poor management to falling attendance. We now have a new team on board (Iain Root - Chief Executive, Phil Martin - Competitions Manager, Ian Burton - Board member) and our goal is to improve matters. I do not think we will turn the event into a totally commercial success in one go, but I am determined that we both manage the costs scrupulously this year and also start to build a model that is repeatable into the future.
What I can do is ensure that best efforts are made to manage the event more efficiently and identify and carry forward lessons and hold people accountable. What we will do for you, is we will be open to both examination and new ideas, running up to, during and after the event.
My details are, also there will be at all times a member of the NSRA board at the event and we will be identified.
But we cannot do it all.
If you have competed before then I would encourage you to attend this year. If you have members of your club, friends who have lapsed or have never competed, then get them to come along. Whether you shoot one competition or many, shoot with an 80 average or a 99 average we have a competition for you and most importantly you will be made to feel welcome.
In the past we have been rightly criticised for shipping in bodies, these bodies cost money, whether this be a fee or just travel expenses. We cannot operate the meeting without enough people helping. to this end I would encourage you to volunteer or ask a member of your club to volunteer. If you are on site all week but are not competing on Tuesday morning, then please volunteer for a shift on Tuesday morning. I want a large number of volunteers to help a bit, rather than shipping in costly external resources to help a lot.
Some jobs require specialist skills, such as scoring, some do not!
For this meeting to continue into the future, the NSRA needs to manage costs effectively (cut its cloth) and we need competitors to enter competitions. If either of these does not happen, it is absolutely certain that the Scottish Meeting will stop!
I have had to fight hard at Board Meetings for this event, I now need you to show that you want the event.
Essentially if every club brought along another competitor and each competitor entered another competition we would make a huge change to our viability!
Ian Burton
NSRA Board Member

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